LLOYD Russell-Moyle, was quoted in The Argus (April 11) as saying there are serious issues like antisocial behaviour in St James’s Street and drug-taking in Queen’s Park and that these were things that Labour, if elected, would reverse with community wardens.

So, let us picture the scene.

One of these uniformed civilians, on patrol in the Queen’s Park area, sees somebody smash a shop window or suspects that drug dealing is taking place in the park itself.

What is he or she going to do about it?

After all, they do not have any of the powers of warranted police officers, and nor are they the same as PCSOs who do, at least, have the authority to detain people and may use reasonable force to prevent a person “making off ”, while waiting for a constable or accompanying them to a police station.

They will be able to make arrests for theft, burglary and criminal damage if they see the offences being committed, or suspect that they will occur, but then so can any member of the public under common law.

They are not equipped with truncheons, handcuffs, pepper spray or Taser guns so what will they be carrying to protect the good citizens of Queen’s Park?

Well, as I understand it, they will be given “specialist reporting forms” to log antisocial behaviour, environmental issues, and traffic violations. So now you know.

If you see someone in St James’s Street waving a knife and someone else furiously writing about it in a notebook then you will know that you are watching a community warden in action.

No, Mr Russell-Moyle, the people you represent are not looking for a third level of policing, one which will cost a lot of their council tax money but which will achieve little if anything.

They simply want to see Sussex Police get back to policing our streets, in sufficient numbers, using fully trained police officers and not powerless civilians in uniform.

Eric Waters Lancing