A COCKTAIL expert dressed up in a giant inflatable panda costume and ran up a steep hill to promote an event.

Jake Goldstein will be taking over the top floor of the Haus On The Hill pub in Southover Street, Brighton, for a four-day cocktail extravaganza.

He decided to launch his seasonal cocktail evening in an unconventional way.

He put on a giant inflatable panda costume and ran up the steep street towards the pub on Monday – and it was all caught on film.

The Argus: Jake, who lives in Brighton, said: “Cocktails are often pretentious and I didn’t want to make a promo video of me stirring

cocktails. I just want to have fun.

“The hill is an absolute monstrosity and I hate it.

“But If I can run up it in a panda costume then there’s no excuses for people to not get butts up there for this cocktail event. It’s going to be great. I am looking forward to it.”

The panda costume is not a completely random idea. Jake has recently opened his new speak-easy-style cocktail bar, Trashed Panda, behind a “secret” bookcase somewhere in Regency Square in Brighton.

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There he treats the bar more like a chef’s kitchen and makes up his cocktails, cooking and fermenting ingredients for the guests to see.

The Argus:

His upcoming event is called Exhausted Panda and will serve cocktails made from springtime ingredients. He prides himself on using ingredients that work with the seasons.

He said: “As per usual all of our cocktails will be made from seasonal ingredients at the peak of their tastiness.

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“Now spring is here we are going to have a load of delicious things to play with.

“Hanover does so many things so well but currently cocktails seem to be missing from the area.

“If this event goes well we will be looking for more of a foothold in the area to continue bringing more.”

The Argus:

There will be other beverages to enjoy for those who are not a fan of the more complex cocktail drink.

Beer from popular brewers Brighton Bier Feel will be

available, and bar food from Dizzy Gull will make sure no one goes hungry.

Anyone is welcome to wander in and booking a table is also possible by contacting the pub on Hello@hausonthehill.pub.

Jake’s Exhausted Panda event takes place from Thursday, April 18, to Sunday, April 21.