A WOMAN who “married herself” four years ago has now written a book to explain her unorthodox choice.

Sophie Tanner, who lives in Brighton, held a wedding ceremony for herself at the Royal Pavilion.

She took vows of commitment in front of her family and friends to “accept her failures and embrace her dreams”.

Her message was to promote self-love and respect over insecurities.

Since then she has received plenty of criticism over the move.

The 40-year-old said: “The wedding four years ago was a grand gesture, I really wanted to get the message out that self-love is important to our wellbeing and how we carry out our relationships with others.

“On the day, some people gave us weird looks and thought we were very strange. We’re in a society that is obsessed with romantic love and that we must get married regardless, it is mandatory part of our lives.

“We’re often told that we must give ourselves to others, for example starting a family. For me, it’s about balancing relationships.

“I’ve been told by people I am selfish for promoting self-love. But if you don’t know how to love yourself, how can you learn to appreciate and treat others well?

“Even if you are a mother of four, she needs to have a sense of fulfilment and know how to look after herself.”

Sophie grew up in Dorset and then moved to London to study English and theatre at university.

After travelling for a while she settled in Brighton, which she says is “unique and colourful”.

The freelance public relations manager decided to write a book about the importance of self-love and respect, entitled Reader, I Married Me.

She said: “I was very pleased that a publisher, Trapeze Books, approached me last year and the book has given me the opportunity to talk about my personal success and to celebrate it.

“When my family and friends attended my wedding ceremony, they came dressed in wedding gear and they fully supported with my decision.

“More importantly, I want to explain why I married myself, and why we are responsible for our own happiness. Self-love is not being selfish, but it’s about taking care of yourself.”

Sophie is inviting people to her book launch on May 18 at Beyond Retro, in Vine Street, Brighton.

She said: “May 18 is also my wedding anniversary and I will also be renewing my vows.”

Join Sophie at eventbrite.co.uk/e/reader-i-married-me-book-launch-tickets-59183073165.