Young protesters sat outside a bank and blocked a road demanding the Government take action on climate change.

The Youth Strike for Climate Action took to the streets of Brighton again on Friday, gathering at Churchill Square before marching down North Street and planting themselves outside Barclays bank, which has been criticised for funding fossil fuel projects.

Angry students shouted for “climate action now”, claiming the Government isn’t taking the issue seriously enough.

Student Ed Newton, 18, said the strike was organised in the Easter holidays in order to show the protests “aren’t just about bunking off”.

He said: “We’re keeping the momentum going and we’re showing that we’re serious about this. We’re not just going to have one protest and go away, this is a growing movement.”

North Street became a bus graveyard as buses were forced to unload their passengers onto the street before their scheduled stops.

But Annapurna Morley, 18, said the action was necessary to show the Government young people are serious about the climate crisis.

She said: “We’re showing the Government that we’re going to keep going until they take action.

“It’s obvious they’re not taking it seriously, so we have to show them that we are.

“This is just people coming out onto the streets because they care.”

The protest wasn’t just made up of students - seven year-old Rudy waved a sign to stop "stupid adults” and said he came to the protest to “stop the world burning”.