RESIDENTS will be able to quiz council candidates on public transport at a meeting this month

Brighton & Hove Friends of the Earth (BHFOE) has organised a hustings on transport for the upcoming local elections

Labour, Conservative, Green, and Lib Dem candidates will be at the meeting on Thursday April 25.

The meeting will be chaired by regional FOE organiser Brenda Pollack and former Campaign for Better Transport chief executive Stephen Joseph will speak on what the council should focus on.

Chris Todd, of BHFOE, pictured, said: “We need councillors who have the strategic vision to get us out of the current mess. We have a climate emergency, biodiversity in massive decline, illegal air pollution, an obesity epidemic, and much more.”

Becky Reynolds of cycling campaign Bricycles added: “We seem to be stuck in neutral when it comes to making things better for people walking and cycling.

“Valley Gardens will bring big improvements if it is completed .On the other hand, the route to the universities is getting worse.

“What we’d like to know is how are the parties’ cycling champions going to help people feel safer.”

The event starts at 7.30pm at the Brighthelm Centre in North Road, Brighton.