Record Store Day

Today, various record stores across Brighton

Record Store Day returns this year with a selection of LPs that already has music lovers raving.

The point of Record Store Day is simple, bands and artists release limited edition versions of singles of albums all to held small independent record stores across the country.

The records on offer are so limited that some music fans queue from the early hours of the morning just to get their hands on material by their favourite artists.

This year sees the likes of Elton John, Def Leppard, Queen and The Specials – not to mention many more – all putting out special LPs for Record Store Day.

Venues across the city including Resident, Cult Hero, Vinyl Revolution and Rarekind will all have their shelves stocked with these brilliant new releases.

If you can’t head down in the early hours then it’s always worth trying your luck later in the day, but there’s no guarantee the record you want will be there.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The Compassion Experience

Today, Jubilee Square, Brighton

If you’ve ever wanted to know what life is like for people in other continents then this is a brilliant look behind that particular curtain.

The Compassion Experience is a taste of what people in developing parts of the world go through on a daily basis.

The event is free and features an interactive journey through the enlightening true stories of children in Uganda and Ethiopia.

The exhibit, which will be set up at Jubilee Square throughout the day and visitors will be able to travel through the 2,000 square foot space and learn about the lives of those in Africa.

Brighton Marathon

Tomorrow, starting at Preston Park

The Brighton Marathon returns this weekend with thousands of runners taking to the streets.

Whether they are professional athletes or simply budding sport enthusiasts, the marathon sees people come from across the city and beyond in a bid to test their speed and stamina.

The 26-mile race offers a scenic look at the city, but those who run it are probably more focused on the finish line.

But if you’d like to take in the views of Brighton and cheer on the thousands running across the city then you can pop down to Madeira Drive, or anywhere else along the route, and catch all the action.

With runners all raising money for good causes, and with a lot of roads being closed off as well – see pages one to four for all the road and travel information – why not make the most of the day and entertain yourself with Sussex’s biggest road race?

Annual Tulip Festival

Arundel Castle, runs until May 5

Every year Arundel Castle welcomes in spring with its popular Tulip Festival.

Tens of thousands of the flowers burst into bloom over the course of the month and it is a real treat to take in their beauty as you walk around the castle’s scenic grounds.

Last year’s display featured more than 60,000 flowers and this year has already been even more impressive. Admission starts from £11 and is not open on Mondays – apart from bank holidays.