A MAN with a familiar face is hoping to find out whether he is related to a Hollywood A-lister.

John Campbell, from Falmer, is apparently stopped in the street constantly with people believing he looks like film star Michael Caine.

John’s wife Annie got in touch with The Argus in the hope that Michael might see the story and agree to a DNA test to see if the pair are related.

She said: “I’ve considered the possibility of John perhaps being the son of one of Michael’s family members, or even Michael himself.

“All of these questions could be cleared up if Michael were prepared to do a Y chromosome test with John.

“If there is anyway in which Michael Caine could agree to doing this test, it would at least be one off the check list.”

She is surprised by how many people agree with her that her husband looks like the Italian Job and Dark Knight star.

Annie said: “I have been amazed at the number of people in different parts of the world who have stopped John to say how much he looks like Michael Caine.

“Interestingly, John doesn’t really think so himself.

“The funniest story was when a friend was going into Harrods one day with his seven-year-old son and the real Michael Caine walked past and the little boy said ‘Hey Dad, that man looks like John Campbell’.”

Annie said the idea that Michael, or one of his relatives, could be John’s father arose when, at the age of 70, John found out the man who raised him, Percy, was not his biological father.

Percy was married to John’s mother, Joan, and John had lived his life believing Percy was his father.

Annie said John was understandably “shocked” when this turned out not to be the case.

But it raised the possibility that, given his “lookalike” status, he could be related to film royalty.

Annie, a former neuro-

scientist at Oxford University, and John, now 72, believe it is possible the pair could be related.