RESIDENTS were left “disgusted” after five caravans were dumped in a rural car park overnight.

Visitors to Devil’s Dyke spotted the vehicles yesterday.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said the sight made him feel sick.

The vans were dumped in the car park of the Devil’s Dyke pub.

The National Trust, which owns the car park, said the caravans first appeared on Wednesday but the owners could not be traced.

The witness said: “They have been dumped here in the car park in such a beautiful place. What does that say about the town? It’s disgusting.”

“I was up here yesterday with some friends and there was nothing here, now there’s caravans full of rubbish. They’re derelict.

“Most of the windows are out and most of them are full of rubbish.

“I came here to sit in the sun but looking at this I’m disgusted. It makes me feel sick.

“It’s quite unbelievable that it’s happened here of all places.”

Councillor Anthony Watts Williams, who represents the Hurstpierpoint and Downs ward, said the dumping of the caravans was “unacceptable”.

He said: “As the Mid Sussex District Council representative on the South Downs National Authority I will make sure this is dealt with the utmost haste.

“The caravans have been dumped in a national park and it is a criminal act.

“Ultimately, it will cost the taxpayers money, which is totally unacceptable.”

A spokeswoman for the National Trust said it had been unable to contact the owners in the caravans but had served written notice for them to be moved.

She said: “There have been five caravans parked in the Devil’s Dyke car park since Wednesday.

“We’ve made several attempts to find the owners of the caravans in person but not been successful.

“Today we have served written notice asking for them to be moved according to our bylaws. “

The Devil’s Dyke pub was contacted but declined to comment.

Though it is unknown who the owners of the caravans are, this comes as tensions have run high recently between Sussex residents and travellers.

Racist anti-traveller posters written in German appeared in Barns Green village, near Horsham, last October, calling for gypsies to be “forbidden”.

A month before some 20 caravans appeared on Ringmer village green, near Lewes, prompting police action.