A NEW bar will bring whiskies from all over the world to customers.

The Whiskey Rooms, on Montague Street, Worthing, opens later this month and will serve drinks from “off the beaten track”, says co-owner Jason Walls.

Tapas, fine wines, and cask ales will also be on the menu.

He said: “When it comes to spirits we keep away from Smirnoffs and Gordons. It’s not about trying to be pretentious, it’s about giving people a different choice at a reasonable price.

“We are bringing new and different products from the market, off the beaten track, whiskies from all over the world.”

As well as serving a variety of whiskies, the new bar will sell cask ale from the barrel, fine wines, and old-school cocktails.

Jason, along with co-owner Kate Mitchell, will also serve tapas platters to complement their wide range of drinks.

With no specialist whiskey bars open in Worthing, Jason sees the seaside town as an up-and-coming market and hopes to run regular tastings.

“We’re working quite closely with suppliers, we’ll have regular tastings right across the board.

“I’m from Worthing and so’s my partner - the aim is to bring something different to an up-and-coming market.”

Though some may be intimidated by the bar’s big drink selection, Jason says the point of the bar is to learn about new and exciting spirits.

“What we want to do is have an educational experience where customers can sit down, relax, and understand where their drink comes from,” he said.

“Our market is aimed at everybody, we’re not excluding anybody. You can come in and feel you’re welcome.

“It’s the same as when you go to other bars but it’s high-end, 1930’s-style decor with comfortable chairs, it’s a bit more grown-up. It’s an over-21s venue.

“We’re trying to create a public space in the community where they can relax.”

The bar launches on Thursday, April 18 at 5pm.

A live gramophone DJ will be playing music and tasting sessions will be run.