POLICE are telling moped and motorbike riders to protect their bikes to ensure a recent fall in thefts continues.

There was a surge in this type of crime in Sussex during last summer and the end of 2018.

But that has recently changed and now a Sussex Police campaign aims to maintain the drop and support the work officers have already carried out by telling riders to lock, chain and cover their bikes to deter thieves.

Riders are also advised to park their vehicles in well-lit areas and choose locations with CCTV.

Mopeds and motorbikes are frequently stolen in Sussex, often to be sold on or for joy-riding.

Inspector Brian McCarthy said: “You may just be parking for five minutes or just leaving your vehicle while you run an errand, but that’s all that is needed for thieves to take advantage of an unlocked moped or motorbike.

“Don’t give them the opportunity they are looking for.”