Brightonians love social media and in a city like this it’s easy to see why.

There are so many places to get that perfect Instagram-friendly shot it’s a wonder there aren’t even more posts – and trust us there are a lot to start with.

This week we see more amazing views from across the city and take a look back on a historic weekend for Brighton and Hove Albion.

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1. Scenic seaside

The Argus:

Another amazing seafront shot from the @travelweekli page, this time the photo takes a look at the land east of the Marina. You can see it and the i360 in the background

2. Wembley wonders

The Argus:

Last weekend was a monumental one for Albion fans as the Seagulls stormed Wembley. The result, a 1-0 defeat to Manchester City, didn’t dampen spirits and the crowd looked incredible with their massive Withdean to Wembley banner. See @bha_today for more

3. A new Lion King

The Argus:

Earlier this week the trailer for the reimagined Lion King movie came out and one Brightonian has copied its well-known opening scene by lifting his cat in the air, I’m not sure it looks impressed though. See @eric_and_ollie_ for more

4. Bird beauty

The Argus:

We all love a good photo of a bird murmuration and this one from Instagrammer @lomokev is really quite beautiful. The fact that you can see the sun setting in the background makes it even more special. Check out this page for more great shots

5. Drag delights

The Argus:

The drag act known as Meth took to Brighton’s Powder Room and delighted the crowd with her show, left. See her page @methed ragqueen for more

6. Terrific tattoos

The Argus:

Tattoos are a huge part of the culture in Brighton and social media user @sashanicoletattoo shows exactly why. With some amazing body art on show and a great photo to showcase them, ink really can be beautiful

7. Brilliant bandstand

The Argus:

The classic shot on Brighton Bandstand is a must for anyone in the city who is into posting on social media.

Whether you are a tourist or resident, the structure can provide some truly wonderful pictures as this shot, above, from @mi_chaela.m shows. The changing colours in the sky are remarkable and one of the highlights of living right by the sea. Michaela lives in London and it is unclear how often she visits the seaside, but with views like this it’s a surprise she isn’t down every weekend

8. Dreamy downs

The Argus:

As you may expect from an Instagram page of someone who calls themselves @thebrightongirl, this social media user posts pictures from across the city. And this view is truly spectacular, above

9. Spectacular streets

The Argus:

This is a fantastic photo of New Road in Brighton, home to a number of popular bars and restaurants and of course the Theatre Royal.

Seeing it every day, it is sometimes easy to forget what a scenic part of the city centre it is but this photo from @visit.brighton is a little reminder of just how appealing this area is

10. Sky high views

The Argus:

Yoga is something plenty of Brightonians do but how many can say they’ve done it hundreds of feet in the air? Well these lucky people on the @ba_i360 can