IN RESPONSE to Keith Jago and Ashley Ridley (Argus Letters, April 11), thanks but I don’t need an invitation to visit Hollingbury Golf Course as I am up there regularly.

What I see is an area very well used by local people out and about enjoying nature and some fantastic views. Plus in winter it is a great place for tobogganing. It’s not all about golf and their focus on this shows how they don’t really know the area.

I don’t doubt we need more housing, but grabbing a chunk of the National Park, is not the right solution. Housing isn’t the only thing where we need urgent action. Nature is also under attack through loss of habitats, chemical poisoning, climate change and much more.

And without nature we won’t have food to eat, clean water to drink, or quiet places for relaxation.

What is perhaps most disappointing is that they have absolutely no recognition of the National Park, its value or the complications of building on it.

Theirs might sound like a simple idea, but as Brighton and Hove is not the planning authority it would be very difficult for this proposal to go ahead.

Even then, it would have to be in the national interest, making it even more unlikely.

I don’t doubt they are doing this for the right reasons, but they need to come up with more realistic and less damaging solutions.

Chris Todd Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth Hollingdean Terrace Brighton