“MOUNTAINS” of information was secretly kept on an employee working as a union representative.

The dossier of personal information on the Cityclean employee fills four binders.

It was discovered after the employee of the waste management service formally asked Brighton and Hove City Council for information it held on him.

GMB boss Mark Turner said the binders contained “mountains” of emails and information relating to a union representative.

He said the binders amounted to “stalking” and accused management of a “witch hunt”.

The union is now suggesting other people should make similar requests to the council to find out how much information has been kept on them.

Mr Turner said: “He has obtained significant amounts of documentation which demonstrates there’s been a witch hunt but also stalking.

“Early indications from our legal team is that this is regarded as victimisation of a trade union activist.”

The council has rejected any claims of inappropriate action. But Mr Turner said another employee who submitted a formal request for data found there was also a large amount of information about his activities.

In a letter to union members, Mr Turner said: “The material now in our possession shows sweeping gathering of information, bordering on stalking, with the express aim of undermining your trade union and those who put their head above the parapet for GMB members.”

He said the type of information being gathered was “intrusive and absurd” but it might “just be worth while” others putting in requests for information to discover whether there is “a file being compiled by senior management and the council”.

It comes after a council investigation into Cityclean uncovered “serious issues about vehicle safety standards” at its depot in Hollingbury.

A council spokesman said: “We are writing to our staff to clarify the issues raised by GMB. This includes repeating our commitment to working with the trade unions and confirmation that there is no plan to undermine the union or remove it from the depot.

“We reject any claims of inappropriate action or processes against staff.

“Following recent changes in senior management at Cityclean, we have carried out a number of initiatives to make Cityclean a fairer and safer place to work.

“We have uncovered some serious issues which have required urgent action and we have sought to involve unions wherever possible.

“Providing safe public services for the city is our number one shared priority.”