RESIDENTS gathered to share their concerns for the new restoration project in a treasured park.

Stanmer Park, Brighton, is to undergo a 15-month restoration project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Residents met last week to discuss the plans with Brighton and Hove City Council, which will be running the project, and Buxton, the new contractors.

One concern raised was safety in the park when construction vehicles start arriving.

But managing director of Buxton David Norman said: “We have a draft site plan. If we are doing large deliveries we will sort them off site.”

Resident Mick Shrimpton, 83, was worried about construction vehicles entering via the Upper Lodges, the fairly narrow entrance to the park.

Mr Norman said they would not use this entrance and signs would be put in place to divert construction vehicles to the appropriate entrance.

Concerns were also raised about parking.

Existing spaces will be limited during construction making it difficult for visitors and residents to park, especially as Sussex University students often park in the free spaces – which Jonathan Dall, the council’s project manager for Stanmer, said he has tried to address.

One resident said: “It seems shocking that more people are going to be coming to this park and the new plans don’t include funding the park’s main road.”

But a council spokesman at the meeting said the road, Stony Mere Way, is a bridleway and does not receive similar funding to roads.

He promised to fix all 160 potholes in the grounds and reduce the speed limit from 20mph to 5mph.

Residents also aired their concerns about the trees that have been chopped down.

Resident Pete Martin, 72, said: “Sometimes I worry it’s more destruction rather than restoration.

“They have cut down some trees that were part of a historic wood which makes me a bit concerned.”

Mr Dall said: “I think the meeting was positive and residents seemed interested in how the contractor is going to manage the project on site and the safety of it.

“I am aware there were questions raised about the trees which I understand.

“We look forward to working with residents in the future to keep them involved in sharing concerns and ideas about the project.”

Jason Knight, chairman of the Stanmer Residents’ Committee, said discussions will continue to make sure the plans are clear and concerns can be addressed.