WITH MPs currently on their spring break, one of Britain’s most recognisable politicians is back and making sure everyone knows about it.

Nigel Farage was in Shoreham yesterday to rally support for his new Brexit Party, determined to end the prevarication that has ensued in Parliament since the Referendum result back in 2016.

It could be argued that the main reason the Referendum was held to decide whether or not Great Britain stayed or left the European Union was then Prime Minister David Cameron’s determination to “kill off” the threat of Ukip, then led by the charismatic Mr Farage.

It was a move that backfired spectacularly as, against most politician’s’ expectations, the electorate voted Leave.

Yet here we are nearly three years later and it seems we are no closer to a resolution.

This, one imagines, has prompted Mr Farage’s return to frontline politics.

That will no doubt send shudders down the spines of many in the Conservative party.

Already riven by division, there are valid fears that some of those on the right of the party will defect to the Brexit Party.

Mr Farage is clearly targeting the Tory heartlands to muster support and many will be watching with bated breath to see if there is a significant groundswell of support.

Ukip is no longer the force it once was since Mr Farage walked away but with mainstream politics splintering in all directions, he clearly feels the time is right to return.

Whether he can garner similar support to that he received in his heyday remains to be seen.