A FOUL-MOUTHED burglar battered down a door and pushed a manager before stealing burgers.

Tobias Denyer flipped when he went into Burger King in North Street in Brighton.

He admitted causing damage to the door and assaulting manager Daniel Raska inside the fast food chain.

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The 36-year-old was also in court for abusing Waitrose security guard Stefan Truta and store supervisor Greg Devlin in Western Road in a separate incident.

Denyer told the men he was going to “f*** them up”.

When they called the police and other security, he told them: “You are both dead now”.

Then in the police cells at Crowhurst Road he used a racist slur to custody officer Mamunur Basher.

Magistrates in Brighton were told that Denyer has had problems with alcohol and with “Spice”, a powerful drug which is now illegal.

Jeremy King, prosecuting, said a shoplifting offence at Superdrug was the first on the list, where he stole products worth £42 in February.

Then a week later he abused the Waitrose staff before being taken into police custody, where he then abused the officer.

Finally in March Denyer went to Burger King at 2am on March 8.

Mr King said: “He entered the shop, shouting and swearing at everyone. He kicked a door. Mr Raska attempted to prevent him from entering the service area, but Denyer pushed him in the chest. He then picked up a couple of burgers and returned to the customer area where he continued to shout and swear.”

Richard Frank, defending, said: “He had a drink that night and had Spice.

“He knows his behaviour was unacceptable and that burglary is a serious offence.

“He stole two burgers and went into an area he should not have done.”

Mr Frank said Denyer had been sleeping rough outside Waitrose and knew the store security staff there. He wanted them to check CCTV for him after he claimed he had been assaulted on the street.

Denyer had previously been given accommodation with charity St Mungos, but left because of other residents using drugs and because one of his friends had also gone to sleep on the streets.

Mr Frank said his client was not racist, and was “ashamed” of using the racist slur, which he had “regretted from the moment he said it”.

Denyer, now of Kendall Court, Newhaven, has 44 convictions for 80 previous offences.

Magistrate Roz Buchan ordered him to complete drug rehabilitation sessions and to pay £50 each to Mr Raska and Mr Basher. The money will be taken from his benefits, and was added to his existing £2,716 debt owed to the court system.