BRIGHTON and Hove has been named the most “hipster” place in the country.

This is according to data from Google Trends, which measures the words and phrases people are searching for.

The city tops the chart when searching for more “hipster” terms than anywhere else.

The terms include “veganism”, “beard”, “craft beer”, “vintage”, “avocado”, “podcast” and “BrewDog”.

A “hipster” is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, particularly those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

Across the UK, people in Hove were searching for “veganism” more than any other place in the UK, followed closely by Brighton.

Brighton tops the table when it come to people searching for “craft beer”, as well as those searching for “vintage”.

Brighton ranks, third, behind Bristol and Oxford, for people searching for avocados.

It also ranks third for “podcast” and “BrewDog”.

Bristol has been named as the second most “hipster” place.