THOUGH you may not feel like it sometimes, we’re incredibly lucky to live somewhere with such glorious weather.

It has been what seems like a ridiculously long and cold winter, yes, but now the Easter weekend is coming, temperatures are set to shoot up to a lovely 21C, hotter than Marbella, Corfu, and even Bodrum in Turkey.

As all Brighton residents know, heat brings out the best in the city. Not only does it mean you can head down to the beach and bask in the sun, but it also bolsters our tourist industry, supporting much-needed jobs and creating the conditions for more businesses to pop up on our lovely seafront.

A four-day weekend – for those of us lucky enough to have one – is the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the sun, whether it is going down to the seafront, enjoying a walk in Jubilee Gardens, or enjoying a barbecue outside.

What’s more, the heat is a great chance to get active.

Let’s face it, a run down the wet and windy seaside isn’t enjoyable for even the biggest fitness fanatics, so the good weather is a great incentive to get out. It doesn’t have to be a park run or a swim in the sea – even just having a kickabout in the park or cycling down the promenade is a great way to get some daily exercise.

If you can say anything about Brightonians, it’s that we know how to take advantage of the good weather when it comes our way, so let’s keep that reputation up.

After all, despite that record-breaking blazing summer last year, we may be in for a classic British one if we’re not lucky.

So get out, relax, and seize the sun over this Easter weekend. There will be plenty of rainy days to get that to-do list done.