A WOMAN diagnosed with a major brain tumour has been told she must leave her home.

Juley Ross, 64, is being booted out her Bexhill home of 15 years as her new landlord has decided to replace the Edwardian building with flats.

But Ms Ross, is begging for a little more time in her home after recently discovering she has a brain tumour.

She wants more time so she can recover from her surgery without worry.

She said: “I don’t feel ill, but I am shaky and can’t walk very well.

“Sometimes I get a bit confused.

“I’ve told the estate agents that I can’t move out when they want me to.”

Ms Ross, who lives in Dorset Road South, was served with a notice more than three months ago informing tenants they must be out before March 12.

Ms Ross asked about an extension and the landlord of the property granted her another month.

But three weeks ago she was told by doctors she had a large tumour in her brain and would require immediate treatment.

She is now worried Oakfield estate agents, representing the new landlord, will start legal proceedings while she is recovering from her surgery, scheduled for next Thursday.

She said: “The landlord doesn’t care.

“He’s got piledrivers outside the house now and has started the work.”

Ms Ross said she found out she had a tumour after her arms and legs became “shaky”.

A brain scan reveals the size of the tumour causing the issues.

She has called the tumour “big b*****d Trevor”.

She said: “It turns out I’ve had this for years and years.

“But I was extremely fit and healthy.

“I danced, cycled, ran and even chopped down people’s trees.

“But because of the drugs they have given me it dulls me down so I’m like a vegetable.”

A spokeswoman for the estate agents said: “The landlord helpfully agreed and allowed her a further month before possession proceedings would be issued if she had not vacated the property by then.

“Court proceedings have now been prepared and sent to court.

“The landlord is seeking a possession order as Ms Ross has not vacated the property in accordance with the notice.

“The landlord is seeking vacant possession of all of the flats in the block so that the block can be redeveloped.

“Ms Ross has not been singled out.”