SOME may consider the sandwich the perfect food, ideal for carnivores, veggies and vegans alike. Whether you like yours in the form of bagels, rolls, wraps or the traditional sliced bread, Jamie Walker has searched the internet for a few of Brighton’s best.

Hells Kitchen

Gardner Street, Brighton

Serving Brightonians since 1951, Hells Kitchen is the go-to sandwich spot for many.

Plenty of people will tell you it is their favourite place for a quick bite to eat.

The food is fantastically fresh and if you think you can replicate it at home you may be dreaming.

Google reviewer Alice Clarke said: “Best sandwich shop in town.

“Amazing prices for absolutely delicious, good sized sandwiches.”

The Laine Deli

Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Like many places on this list, a key thing about The Laine Deli is all its sandwiches are made fresh to order.

Despite an extensive menu, no sandwich starts being made until you walk up to the counter and ask for it.

It ensures freshness and quality in every bite.

This place may be small but if you go on a sunny day it’s a brilliant place to eat outdoors.

Nicole Schmidt said: “Lovely atmosphere and very obliging with my specific breakfast order.”

Poppy’s Sandwich Bar

London Road, Brighton

Plenty of reviews on this shop’s profile praise the sandwiches made here.

I don’t know who Poppy is but clearly she and her team make a great bite.

Braydon Dunn said: “This is one of the best sandwich shops I’ve ever been too, by far the best in the UK.”


Bond Street, Brighton, Brighton Station and Church Road, Hove

With three locations in the city, Bagelman is a Brighton institution.

Fresh, tasty, bagels are the order of the day here and recently the stores have been ramping up their specials as well.

What makes Bagelman unique is its much-heralded salt beef.

Colette O’Hagan said: “Always excellent service and consistently delicious bagels.”

As You Like It

East Street, Brighton

Nestled away in Regent Arcade, blink twice and you might miss As You Like It.

It may be a small cafe but the sandwiches speak for themselves.

Freshly made products mean the queue is, more often than not, out of the door as lunchtime begins.

Tony Cheal said: “Great little food emporium.”

TFI Lunch

Queen’s Road, Brighton

Another quaint little cafe that is usually packed, especially when the clock strikes midday.

TFI Lunch makes excellent food and the service is usually top notch as well.

Its range of cakes isn’t bad either.

Ivan Morozov said: Love it, wonderful food, friendly staff.”

Fill’eze Sandwich Bar

George Street, Brighton

A little hole in the wall joint that makes great sandwiches to go with fillings to suit all tastes.

Fan Gary Wilson said: “The fish finger baguette is ace.”

Tucked Away

Trafalgar Street. Brighton

Tucked away is just that.

An unassuming sandwich shop that looks like any other cafe you might happen across in a bustling city such as Brighton.

But the sandwiches produced at this establishment are far from ordinary.

Tim Sewell said: “What an awesome little sandwich shop.

“Really friendly with lots of choice and all incredible tasty.”

Good Stock Deli

Preston Park, Brighton

The Good Stock Deli could probably replace the word “good” in its name with “great” and it would still be very accurate.

Some brilliant produce and all freshly put together.

Chris Barker said: “What an amazing little find.

“I’ve been living near here for almost seven years but will be back.”