A NEW place for cider lovers is opening this week

The Cider Tap and Orchard is opening its doors for the first time this weekend.

The company is based at the Old Mill Apple Farm, in Bolney, West Sussex.

It opens tomorrow at 11am and will run throughout the weekend.

It has a 22 tap wall that specialises in British craft ciders and beers.

The orchard has more than 5,000 apple trees on display, with a range of different varieties.

The location has long been a hotspot for locals but now the doors are being opened to the public.

A statement from The Cider Tap said: “In a quest to be the pinnacle of the British Craft Cider movement, The Cider Tap will educate customers about cider making, cider taste and development, and show patrons a different side to the assumed ‘scrumpy’ ways of the typical cider we have grown to know in this country.

“Cider doesn’t need to make your lips pinch and eyes close in distaste, or cover your teeth in little coats of sugar.

“Cider is something to be enjoyed slowly, some over ice and in a wine glass with natural flavours of strawberry, hops, elderflower.”

Following its opening weekend, The Cider Tap will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays moving forward.

The team at the orchard are hoping that the watering hole will soon be the place to go for families across Sussex.