THE average price of a house in Brighton is more than 12 times the average wage.

According to Government figures, an average house in Brighton and Hove costs £347,000, far more than the average yearly salary of £27,769.

Nationally, the average UK house costs 7.8 times the average wage.

Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, said: “Successive governments have failed to make the needed investment into homes for rent. 

"It is, therefore, little wonder that we have this housing crisis.”

It is near impossible for anyone, other than those who can call on the bank of mum and dad, to even consider buying a home that is 12.5 times greater than the average annual wage locally.

“In Brighton the situation is exacerbated by wealthier people selling up in London and moving to the city. What we need is a fundamental change of approach from central government.

“We need homes for rent at levels that people can truly afford.”

This marks the seventh straight year house prices have risen faster than wages in the city.

Newly built homes were found to be more expensive than existing ones, costing 14 times the average salary.

However, this number fell from the 2017 figure, meaning new houses have become slightly more affordable in the last year – as affordable as an average price of almost £390,000 could be.

Mr Winter added the Government should focus on building affordable homes for rent.

He said: “Unfortunately, the current Government seems wedded to policies that focus on home ownership which is well beyond the means of ordinary people, and do nothing for those on low incomes.

“Without a massive programme of council house building, we are not going to turn the corner of this housing crisis which will, inevitably, just get worse.”

The news comes as parties competing in next month’s local council elections revealed their housing policies.

Labour has pledged to build 800 “truly affordable” council homes if elected, while the Greens say they want to construct 600.

The Lib Dems say they want to build 1,500 homes on Hollingbury Golf Course.