BRIGHTON may have its problems but it also has plenty going for it.

Its mix of quirky architecture and an enviable beachside location means visitors pour into the city mainly to enjoy the seafront, shops and nightlife.

An additional bonus has been the regeneration of Hannington Lane.

It certainly is aesthetically pleasing and adds a new dimension to the area.

With its rusty red brick detailing the street looks more like something plucked from Sardinia than the South East of England.

It is also ideally placed to attract shoppers with its central location and there is little doubt the businesses established there will flourish.

The opening could not have come at a better time, with blistering heat predicted for the weekend ahead.

The exposed balcony of the Flint House restaurant and the shaded square of Olive Grove offer an abundance of choice for al fresco dining.

What’s more, with a four-day weekend there is certainly time to try both and snap up some interesting items from the shops nearby too.

It is also fantastic to see money being invested into Brighton and Hove.

We should be proud of our city, and putting this time, money and effort into keeping up appearances is a sure-fire way of showing it.

So cancel the foreign holiday and take a stroll down Hannington Lane and around Brighton instead to appreciate how special this city really is.

It is easy to take it all for granted. We should not.