LOVE will be in the air at the Sea Life centre when it reveals its new £2.7 million exhibition.

Sea turtles Lulu and Gulliver, who are both 80 years old, will be reunited in one of the tanks in the new display.

The couple first came together 20 years ago at Sea Life Brighton but have spent the past six months apart – in Blackpool and Birmingham respectively.

But the pair will enjoy retirement together in their new home in Brighton.

Sea Life Brighton is under strict orders to not give the name of the new attraction away but general manager Max Leviston said it will be the first display of its kind in the UK.

All will be revealed at the official opening on May 25.

At the moment the exhibition is still in its skeleton stages but the first livestock is expected to arrive on April 29.

Lulu and Gulliver will then be reunited on May 17.

The exhibition will include Britain’s largest collection of sharks and rays and more than 50 species of tropical marine life.

Visitors start off with the illusion of walking out from under the Palace Pier which is displayed in the form of large wooden sea pillars in the halls.

A large aquarium will then be in sight and this will have a big twist – though it is a closely guarded secret for now.

To fill the mammoth sealife tank, 700,000 litres of water were transported to the aquarium from Hove Lagoon.

The process, surprisingly, only took two days.

Other special features include an interactive exhibit which will put viewers on a Thai beach and simulate all the magic of dipping your toes in the water – without getting wet.

There will also be an exhibit that allows visitors to see what it is like to be a lion fish.

Max said: “This project has been three years in the making.

“We have tried to make it both educational and interactive for children and adults.

“We’re very excited for people to come and see it.”

Brighton graffiti artist Req – best known for the mural on the Prince Albert pub in the city – is also lending a hand.

Req, along with his team at the Spraypaint Academy for Girls, is painting walls in the auditorium.

More details about Sea Life Brighton’s new secret attraction will be announced shortly.