CLIMATE protesters say 20 people from Brighton have been arrested at the Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

Activists say they will continue with their protests, which have caused traffic gridlock and disruption to parts of the capital’s public transport network.

Extinction Rebellion’s Brighton group has set up a blockade in Marble Arch.

The activists, who have put up tents in Great Cumberland Place near Oxford Circus, say they may stay “for days or weeks”.

The major road in the central London is the central point of the protest.

Brighton resident Katie Beinart was at the demonstration yesterday.

The 41-year-old said: “It is a really positive atmosphere and the police have been really respectful

“On Monday we had 100 people coming up on the train and another 100 on the coach.

“Twenty Brightonians have been arrested so far.

“Some were arrested for section 14 [offences] and others were arrested for obstruction of Waterloo Bridge.”

A “Section 14” allows the police to impose conditions on a protest.

This means a group of people who gather in one place must stay put rather than marching somewhere.

Those arrested for these offences were outside the Brighton Marble Arch blockade.

The others were arrested for obstruction of a public highway.

Ms Beinart said those who were arrested were spoken to by police for “a few hours” but then released.

More than 400 people have been arrested across the protest.

Metropolitan Police said the protesters are “peaceful”.

Ms Beinart, who spoke to The Argus while protesting in Oxford Circus, said: “People are laughing and cheering and members of the public have stopped to join in.

“The most annoyed people are those on public transport as people say they can’t get to work.

“We recognise that this is annoying and disruptive but the possible effect of climate is not a day or a week.

“If we don’t do anything, think about the serious disruption ten years if we don’t do anything .

“All our lifestyles will change completely.”

Officers surrounded a pink boat in Oxford Circus yesterday afternoon while actress Dame Emma Thompson told activists her generation had “failed young people”.