A DISABLED grandmother wants to thank the mystery Good Samaritan who saved her day by paying for some of her shopping.

Dorothy Sheldrake, 78, had gone to the Tesco store she has been using for more than 40 years to return a £10 dress.

While she was there she picked up some groceries.

But when she got to the till she realised she had forgotten her purse.

Dorothy, from Burgess Hill, who uses an electric scooter needed £14 – but only had the £10 from the dress.

She asked if she could return to the superstore in Jane Murray Way, Burgess Hill, to pay later but said she was left feeling humiliated and upset when staff refused.

Dorothy, a grandmother of eight, said she had no option but to leave some of the items behind.

She said: “I had to take all of my shopping out of my bag to see what was essential.”

But then the customer behind her in the queue asked what was happening – and when he was told Dorothy could not pay for her shopping, he stepped in to help.

The mystery man, known only as Mick, said he would pay the outstanding £4.

He said he did not want any repayment and had done it “because it was Mother’s Day”.

Dorothy said she felt “let down” by Tesco, particularly as she has been shopping there for 40 years and “everyone knows her,” according to her daughter, Julia Scott.

Julia, 46, said the staff at Tesco had always been helpful towards Dorothy, especially helping her carry shopping to her car when she was able to drive.

She said: “She has been back to Tesco since but she does feel let down by it as she’s a regular customer.

“If Mick sees this message, we’d like to thank him and let him know Mum would do something similar if someone needed it.

“She wants to do a good deed to pass on the kindness she received in Tesco that day.

“He really lifted her spirits.”

Dorothy said: “I felt made up by the kindness of a stranger, his actions were absolutely super.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We always want to deliver the very highest standards of customer service so we were sorry to hear that Ms Sheldrake was unhappy with her recent experience in our store.

“Our store manager would be very happy to meet Ms Sheldrake to discuss her concerns.”