KATIE Price’s 16-year-old son was thrilled when he found out his artwork would be on display at a railway station.

Harvey Price jumped up for joy as his mum told him his drawing would be displayed at Gatwick Airport Station.

The touching moment was shown in her TV show, My Crazy Life, which aired last night.

The former glamour model is shown talking to Harvey in the kitchen of their home in Dial Post, near Horsham.

Katie says: “Guess what, you know your pictures of the Gatwick Express you draw?

“They phoned Mummy up and said they want to blow it up really big and put it on the wall at Gatwick Airport (railway station) for everyone to see.

“Every time people walk past it they are going to think, ‘oh my god that’s Harvey Price’s drawing’.”

Harvey grinned, saying he was very excited and quickly called his grandmother to tell her the good news. Katie added that she “couldn’t wait to see his little face light up”.

Harvey is partially blind as well as being autistic and having Prader-Willi syndrome.

This is a rare genetic condition with symptoms including an excessive appetite and weight gain, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and weak muscles.

Harvey has discovered a love for art and has posted some examples of his work on his Instagram account.

It was through this his talent was discovered by Daniel Burn, a station manager.

Mr Burn said: “I saw this picture on Harvey’s Instagram account and loved it so wanted to see how we could celebrate it at the station.

“It felt amazing. Seeing his face when it was unveiled was priceless. His whole family were so proud of him and rightly so.”

Harvey enjoys travelling on the Gatwick Express and has featured the rail service in many of his pieces.

Mr Burn said: “Harvey travels on the Gatwick Express a lot with his mum and it is a sense of comfort for him. Plus the big bold colours of the train can help with sensory issues. We’ve taken him out for a trip and special cab ride before, he really is our biggest fan.

“We have had lots of passengers comment about the picture. It’s bold and expressive and we take pride in telling people who drew it. Harvey is a very special young man and should be very proud of it.”