A MAN held two young boys near the edge of crumbling cliffs - apparently unaware of the dangers they could topple at any moment.

The man was pictured at Birling Gap, close to a National Trust museum which describes how sections of the cliff are known to crack and fall on to the beach below at any moment

The frightening pictures followed another moment where a pair of risk-takers were also snapped sitting on the edge of the notoriously dangerous cliffs - dangling their legs in the air.

Despite giant cracks and signs warning that the cliffs could give way at any moment, the two men were spotted inches from death at the top of the notorious Beachy Head.

Retired Lynne Davey was walking along the beach when she spotted the careless pair sitting on the edge, swinging their legs over the sheer drop.

The 63-year-old said: “My daughter and I were walking on the beach between Birling Gap and Beachy Head when we saw them.

“I just thought they were absolutely bonkers - but we have a lot of that down here.

“Personally I have witnessed a suicide from Beachy Head - they happen a lot - and in fact that day the emergency services were talking a girl down from the cliff.

“We could see a huge crack in the cliff face under them - I felt like shouting at them, ‘see those big boulders, they’ve fallen off the side you idiots’.

“Pieces of cliff are literally crumbing off.

“They have no idea what the emergency services have to deal on a regular basis here and then to have to deal with someone falling by accident - it’s infuriating.”

In June 2017, South Korean student Hyewon Kim, fell to her death while having her picture taken at the beauty spot.

She stumbled and fell over the edge as she jumped in the air for the photograph.

Just two months ago the National Police Air Service (NPAS) posted a photo of another person dangling their legs off the edge in the same spot.

They said: “We were having a lovely day at Beachy Head until we saw this!

“Please don’t sit on the edge of the cliff top it is incredibly dangerous.”

“You don’t know what you are sitting over. These people were in a fenced off section of cliff top.”