THERE have been repeated warnings but still it seems nobody is listening.

Yet again over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend horrifying pictures emerged of people dicing with death near to the edge of the cliffs at Birling Gap.

Almost certainly sooner rather than later sections of the cliff face along our coastline are going to collapse. It has happened before and it will happen again.

That begs the question of who in their right mind picks up a young boy and holds him precariously close to the edge, especially when large cracks have already appeared?

Well, as the picture in today’s Argus amply illustrates, there are those prepared to take such risks.

Sadly, it is not just an isolated incident nor the first where a young child has been taken close to the edge of the cliffs.

The emergency services have repeatedly warned of the dangers of indulging in this foolhardy practice but for some reason the message is either not getting across or is being deliberately ignored by a minority of people who indulge in such thrill-seeking.

There were several occasions last year when The Argus published pictures of a similar note accompanied by warnings from the emergency services to stay away.

There are clear signs spelling out the same message but they still go unheeded.

The practice seems to become even more prevalent during spring and summer as the weather improves.

Everyone wants to make the most of the sunshine and enjoy days out in the fresh air, but there is no need to venture close to the edge of the cliffs. Stay away.