A WOMAN has been caught with her trousers down in the latest act in a town centre plagued by indecency.

There are calls for action on street drinkers in the Steyne Gardens area of Worthing after a number of shocking incidents were caught on camera.

A local trader said people are becoming “scared to walk through town” after a number of shocking public acts in the centre of Worthing.

Chief Inspector Miles Ockwell, the area’s chief police inspector, said they are planning to deploy more PCSOs in the area and are using dispersal orders.

The woman’s brazen toilet-break on was caught on camera on Friday afternoon.

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A mum-of-two captured the moment the the woman pulled down her trousers and squatted in a nearby park, while she boarded a bus with her children.

She was pictured behind a bush, unlike two men who were filmed performing a shocking oral sex act outside the nearby Guildbourne Centre.

Richard Dawkins, 49, unemployed, of Northbrook Road, Worthing and James Pannel, 52, unemployed, of Brighton Road, Worthing, have been charged with outraging public decency.

A newsagent in the area, who asked not to be named, said the lewd acts were the latest in a string of antisocial behaviour from a group of street drinkers.

He claims the group have been aggressively begging the public for money and fighting each other in the street.

He said: “Everyone is sick to their back teeth with it, Worthing is going down the pan.

“It’s horrific, people are becoming scared to walk through the town centre.

“The problem is getting so bad now that everywhere you look, you can see them down the road fighting with each other, beating each other up and knocking each other out.”

The shopkeeper said police and ambulances were called three times in four hours to the park to respond to incidents in one afternoon.

He added: “The first time was for someone who had passed out from drinking, the second was a fight between two males and the third was a fight between two women.

“It is a total waste of resources.”

He said the Worthing community are increasing concerned with the group’s lewd behaviour and are calling for the council and police to take more action.

Chief Inspector Miles Ockwell described the incident as a “shocking criminal act.”

He said: “We work closely with the businesses in Worthing and hold regular meetings to discuss any arising issues and we are open to work together to find ways in which we can address these.

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“Issues of antisocial behaviour associated with the street community is something we are aware of and we are taking a partnership approach to reduce the vulnerability of those on the street.

A Worthing council spokeswoman said: “The council, as one of the partners in the Community Safety Partnership, along with Sussex Police and others, is committed to continuing to work with the police to identify and address issues related to antisocial behaviour as they arise.”