Tea and Toast is always a winning combination, and now an improvised comedy troupe with that exact moniker will be performing at their first ever Brighton Fringe. Jamie Walker spoke to Simon Goodway from Tea and Toast about their show, based on a hit Hollywood movie.

Is this your first Brighton Fringe?

Yes. I live locally, and always see loads of shows as a punter, but I’ve never performed at it.

Every year we talk about doing something, but this is the first time we’ve got our act together early enough.

Having seen many Fringe shows, what are you looking forward to most about your first performance experience?

Since I love the Fringe, I’m excited to feel like I’m finally part of it.

And it will be fun to perform to people who’ve never seen us before.

What do you like so much about the festival?

I always love the joyous atmosphere and the variety of amazing shows.

Tell me about your show?

Bla Bla Land is a a totally improvised musical comedy.

Inspired by audience suggestions, we celebrate a different town every night, which gives it a lovely upbeat feel.

We never know what’s going to happen next so we’re discovering the show along with the audience, but we try to make sure there’s always a fun mix of comedy and real emotional moments, plus plenty of songs... all made up on the spot.

What was the inspiration behind this specific bout of improv?

As the title suggests, the show’s an homage to the movie La La Land.

We already knew we wanted to do an improvised musical, and when we saw the film we identified with its focus on the pursuit of love and dreams as themes we really enjoy improvising with, so it was quite a natural fit.

What can people expect from this show?

A feeling of joy, an enormous grin, and a few tunes they can’t stop humming.

So why is this the show to see this Fringe?

I’m hugely proud of it, and I love how we can make audiences laugh one minute and gasp the next.

For me, every performance we’ve done has had magical little moments that made it extra special.

And because no two shows are the same, those moments feel like a wonderful secret shared by that night’s audience.