A LOVE specialist wants to prove that age is just a number.

Well known “Love Doctor” Doctor Monti is hosting two speed dating nights for older people who are looking for younger partners.

The doctor, whose real name is Neil-Monticelli Harley-Rüdd, will help singles looking for love with two romantic evenings at The Mixologist in Hove.

The first night, on May 28, is for ladies seeking an older gentleman. 

The second, on June 18, is for gentlemen seeking older women.

The doctor says he does not host LGBT nights as they do not prove as popular.

Doctor Monti said: “We wanted to offer something refreshing to rejuvenate people’s romantic life, and so often I hear from both genders that they won’t attend events because they want someone ten or more years older or younger than them.

“Age is no barrier to finding love.

“Relationships are about chemistry, we’re drawn towards someone who we fall in love with and then develop a close and trusting long-term relationship.”

The night will involve the potential couples engaging in a six-

minute conversation.

After that they text the Love Doctor a “yes” or “no” on whether they would like to trade numbers with their date.

If they text Doctor Monti the word “cupid” that means they want him to act as the middle man, arranging the date without exchanging numbers.

And the doctor has a special trick to help liven things up.

He said: “I split the boys and the girls up to build the sexual tension.

“They make good friends in their all male and all female groups, but then once the boys and girls meet they’re even more excited.”

However there is one thing that the doctor will not stand for and that is anyone who wants a one night stand.

He said: “If anyone if there for frisky fun I kick them out.”

To book tickets for either of Doctor Monti’s dating nights visit www.RightFlirt.club