A DISABLED internet star has spoken out about plans to ban plastic straws.

YouTuber Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, who has nearly half a million subscribers on the online video platform, posted a video in which she says that banning plastic straws could cause harm to the disabled community.

Jessica herself has a combined genetic disorder and disability that causes weakness in her soft tissues and paralysis of her nerves.

This makes her deaf, floppy, fatigued, wracked with pain and prone to dislocations.

She said: “Part of my condition means I have to drink eight to ten litres a day.

“I drink everything through a straw because my wrists are quite weak and my hands shake.

“Plastic is seen as wasteful and harmful to the environment.

“These things are all true, but plastic is also an essential part of my health and wellness.

“A ban on plastic straws comes from a wonderful place, concern for our ecosystem, but inadvertently harms those with disabilities.

“One person’s ecological conversation starter is another’s nutritional lifeline.”

Jessica said alternative materials currently on the market are not disability friendly.

Metal straws can pose a health risk and are not bendable and also cost more to make.

Paper straws also cannot bend and degrade too quickly, making them a choking hazard.

There are a number of other alternatives, like silicone or even foods like pasta, but those are also not bendable.

She said: “Disabled people who use plastic straws aren’t just saying ‘screw you’ to the environment.

“We want to help the planet but can’t sacrifice ourselves in the process.

“A lot of us use reusable straws but it is still a need.

“Until someone invents something that works as well as a bendable plastic straw, that isn’t harmful to the environment, you can’t just ban something people need.”

Most recently, Brighton College made national headlines by punishing pupils who take plastic straws and other single-use plastics into school.

Rachel Hughes, assistant head and biology teacher at Brighton College, said: “Our ban is on the misuse of plastics.

“Plastics play an important role for individuals, including medics and differently abled people.

“Respect and kindness are core at Brighton College, and so we would obviously let any pupil who needed to use straws do just that.”

Restaurants and bars in Brighton have also started to phase out plastic straws.

Jessica’s video was originally posted in August of 2018 but has resurfaced on social media after Jessica posted a short excerpt from the video on her Instagram page.

That post drew attention from big stars in America including YouTube celebrity Phillip DeFrance and actress Selma Blair, who was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

In response to the video, Selma said: “Amen. My friend with cerebral palsy informed me of this. It’s the only way she can drink.”

Meanwhile Phillip, whose news-based content has earned him more than six million subscribers, said: “Really interesting.”