A TEACHER has been banned from the profession after lying on his CV.

Maths teacher Craig Bozic, 36, admitted he had lied when he told King’s School in Hove he had a 2.1 degree to get a job.

He worked at the school, in High Street, as a teacher for nearly a year before resigning in March last year.

During this time the school made attempts to obtain proof of the degree.

These included requests “through email, letter, telephone and face-to-face conversations”.

Each time Mr Bozic provided a number of excuses and told the school he was trying to obtain the certificate.

The case was heard by a professional conduct panel held in Coventry. Mr Bozic did not attend.

The panel’s report said: “The panel considered that Mr Bozic did not want to disclose that he did not hold a degree qualification and provided false information in order to gain paid employment at the school.

“This was an intentional and deliberate act to conceal the truth, further shown by the amendments to his employment history in the application form to make it appear that he had completed a degree.

“The panel, therefore, found that Mr Bozic had acted dishonestly.”

Eventually, Mr Bozic admitted to the school that he had “left university prematurely”.

He was asked to explain the gap in his employment history for safeguarding reasons.

He told the school he been in temporary employment in the year he should have completed his final year of his degree.

The panel found him guilty of unacceptable professional conduct. It said that he “gained materially from his dishonest actions” by deliberately faking his application and “maintaining this deception over a long period”.

The panel concluded that Mr Bozic had bought the teaching profession into disrepute.

The report said the teacher did have a previous good history in his profession.

But the panel thought the truth would not have been discovered had he not been confronted by the school and so there was some risk of repetition of this behaviour.

As a result, he has been banned from teaching indefinitely.

This means he cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England.