A MUSIC store has published a video that appears to show some spooky scenes at their shop.

Guitar, Amp and Keyboard (GAK), in Brighton, uploaded a video to their Facebook page which appears to show a ghostly shadow moving across the shop floor.

The electric guitar part of the store, based in North Road, seems to be quite on a regular day.

But then a mysterious figure seems to make its way across the screen.

Mark Batch, a videographer at GAK Brighton, said it isn’t the first time they have suspected the place to be haunted.

He said: “There’s always been incidents at the store.

“If something goes missing we always go and check what’s happening.

“We’ve not had any solid proof of ghosts, there’s always stuff falling over and that could just be coincidence.

“We film a lot for our YouTube channel and something odd will happen and you’ll think it’s a bit weird.

“Someone spotted it and we thought we’d put it online and see what people thought.

“People have questioned whether it was a live flare or a jump in filming but nobody really knows.”

Commenters on Facebook has had a mixed response to the video.

Some claim they can see a ghost while others think it would just be some video trickery.

David Cahill said: “That’ll convince the customers to come in, Ghosties.”

Lee Shepherd added: “But can it play?”

Luke Capeling questioned whether the ghost was making a purchase.

He said: “Looks like the type that wants to try everything out, but never spends a penny.”

Caron Phillips, in response to another comment on the post may have answered what the ghostly sight could be.

She said: “My son reckons if it’s an analogue cctv unit it could be recording over old footage and it is previous contents that wasn’t properly deleted.”

Brighton has a history of ghostly going ons.

Plenty of pubs in the city claim to be haunted, and many for good reason.

Brighton has been named second in the country for its amount of haunted pubs, behind only London.

The Marlborough Pub and Theatre, in Prince’s Street, The Black Lion, in Black Lion Street, and The Cricketers, also in Black Lion Street, have all claimed to be haunted.

Have a watch of the GAK video on The Argus website and let us know if you think this is a ghostly guitar player or just a glitch in the video.

For more information on GAK visit www.gak.co.uk