IF YOU thought the city couldn’t get any more quirky then think again.

From this Saturday you will be able to walk across the ceilings of an upside down house.

The vertically challenged home can be found between the bandstand and the i360 in King’s Road on Brighton seafront.

It is a light, sky blue colour with a white roof and green grass verges around the edges.

The bizarre tourist attraction has been brought to the seaside by 25-year-old Tom Dirse, CEO of Upside Down House UK, who introduced his first head-standing-home in Bournemouth.

He said: “We have other houses in the UK and they are all different themes.

“We are really excited to have one set up in Brighton because it has been on the map for us for a while.

“It’s such a quirky colourful city so we are really pleased to have been granted permission to build our seaside-themed home here.

“We chose the seaside theme to fit in with where it is based in Brighton.”

The house will be standing on its head for the next year for tourists and residents to enjoy.

Tom said: “People can enjoy the first inverted photo experience in the UK.

“It’s somewhere to go into and have fun.

“And you can spend plenty of time in there taking pictures.

“You can take selfies or photos of your friends and family then flip the photo 180 degrees and you are suddenly walking upside down in the photo.

“It’s really a place for people to take pictures of fun moments and just have a fun experience.

“We have had great feedback from people doing it before and then you can get some great pictures out of it.

“It’s also well suited to all ages.”

Tom’s other upside down homes are in Lakeside and at Adventure Wonderland in Dorset.

He said: “It has certainly been a fun project to work on.

“We have a great team and it’s good to bring something fun to cities for families to enjoy.

“We have an in-house interior designer, Vaida Valeisaite, who designed it really well.

“If you were to flip the house the right way up it would look completely normal.

“I am really looking forward to seeing what people think.”

The house will be open from 10am until 8pm on Mondays to Fridays and costs £4 per person.

On Saturdays and Sundays it will be open from 10am until 9pm and will cost £5 per visitor.

Tom said people spend about 20 minutes looking around the house and taking photos.

Children under the age of three can enter free of charge. For more information visit: www.upsidedownhouse.co.uk