A DRUNK with a samurai sword who was Tasered by armed police has been jailed.

John Gunn had refused to give up the weapon he was carrying at Three Bridges Station in December.

He had been due to be sentenced for possessing the offensive weapon on April 3.

But he missed his meeting with probation because he got drunk the night before.

Judge Shani Barnes agreed to adjourn sentencing, giving Gunn one last chance.

Then three days later he was found to be in possession of a lock knife in public.

Police had been called to his address in Breydon Walk, Crawley, after reports of domestic violence against his sister.

The report is not being taken forward by prosecutors – but officers found Gunn in possession of a knife in the street.

He admitted two charges of possessing an offensive weapon in public.

Judge Barnes, sitting at Brighton Crown Court, said the 27-year-old builder had had chances for rehabilitation in the past and jailed him for a total of ten months.

Previously Beverley Cherrill, prosecuting, told the court that police were called after reports Gunn was “waving” a “katana” Japanese sword in public.

There was no evidence in court that he had brandished the sword but he refused to drop it for the police despite being asked twice to do so.

Nicholas Hall, prosecuting on Friday, said the second offence – in Crawley – was committed on April 6.

He said: “John Gunn was outside. Officers told him the reason they had been called and asked if he had anything on him.

“When he was searched the knife was found. He said he had it in his pocket after recently buying it on eBay.”

Gunn had seven previous convictions for offences including being drunk and disorderly, criminal damage, assaulting police officers and battery.

The judge and the prosecutor revealed a “domestic incident” was reported but said no charges had been brought against Gunn.

Kyle Fournillier, defending, said the katana sword was not being waved at Three Bridges station.

He said the lock knife found in Gunn’s pocket on April 6 was also a cigarette lighter, and said Gunn had “no intention” to cause anyone violence.

Judge Barnes was concerned about the risk of someone seeing Gunn with the weapons and challenging him, as he was drunk on both occasions.

She said: “Now he (Gunn) is in custody, he is under control. He needs to use his time in custody constructively.”

Gunn was jailed for five months for each offence.