A SINGER has written a new track inspired by crime author Peter James.

Brighton-based LazerGirl, whose real name is Diana Gorohova, said it was her tribute to the writer, whose latest novel is being serialised in The Argus.

The song, Dead At First Sight, is named after the book.

The novel is published on Thursday and the 24-year-old hopes her song will be equally successful.

She was compelled to write it after finding out her manager was the basis for a character in the novel.

She said: “My manager Steve Barrey spoke about the story as he is one of the main characters and it really struck a chord with me.

“It sounded like a story that would fit my style and I could just imagine how someone would feel being tricked into love.

“The video to accompany the track will be released on my YouTube channel too and its going to be a hit.

“Very dark but very hot at the same time.”

The song has not been released to the public yet but upon hearing a private version of it Peter gave his seal of approval.

The 70-year-old, who lives near Henfield, said: “I’ve just listened to a great dance track by Brighton recording artist LazerGirl called Dead At First Sight.

“It was written and composed by her after hearing about my new Roy Grace novel.”

“It’s pleasing to see my latest novel not only raises the serious issues of this crime but also inspires others to be creative around the subject.”

The up-and-coming singer, who is hoping to break into the mainstream, describes her music as “fresh, hot, sassy and exciting European electronic dance music”.

LazerGirl, who is Latvian, can sing in both English and Russian and incorporates both languages into the song.

She said: “What I do is unique and you don’t hear it every day on the radio or TV over here in the UK.”

When asked about why people should listen to the song LazerGirl said: “My music is fresh and easy to enjoy it’s fun and sexy – who doesn’t like fun and sexy?”

l Turn to pages 16 and 17 for the latest extract from Peter James’s new novel.