A GUEST on The Jeremy Kyle Show is calling for the presenter to be sacked for causing him “emotional distress” during and after his appearance on the controversial ITV programme.

It comes after the show was cancelled following the recent death of a guest.

It has been reported that Steven Dymond, 62, was found dead following a suspected overdose.

The digger driver had failed a lie detector test on the show, after being accused of cheating on then fiancée Jane.

>> Jeremy Kyle Show cancelled after death of guest

Now a Portslade man has come forward to speak about the ordeal he says he faced at the hands of Jeremy Kyle and the studio audience.

Kane Manning, 21, appeared on the show on July 4, 2017. He was speaking about a family matter in which he believed a woman was lying about his brother being the father of her child.

The footage, which can be found online, shows Kyle grilling Kane about the situation and seemingly mocking his clothing as well.

The audience laughs loudly as Kyle questions Kane, who was 20 at the time.

Kane said the presenter should face consequences for his actions and the show should never air again.

He said: “Jeremy Kyle is vile, he’s a disgrace.

“In my opinion he should be sacked. I went on the show and he called me shifty. The audience were laughing at me too.”

In the show, Kane walks on to the set and Kyle immediately makes a remark about his “tweed” trousers.

Kane said: “People all around the world could have watched that.

“He was nice before the show but afterwards I felt insulted.

“And at the end he said it was all for the show but that’s not on, that’s not right.

“I phoned up and complained when I got home and they said they couldn’t do anything about it.”

Kane said someone from the show did call him back a couple of days after filming but the conversation did not progress any further than “how are you?”.

Kane said while Mr Dymond’s death was tragic, he could have seen it coming.

He said the show provides an “uncomfortable” atmosphere that put him on edge and not enough is done to ensure guests are looked after following their appearance.

He said: “I felt really down about my appearance on the show.

“I got a lot of backlash when the episode aired.

“Luckily I pulled myself out of it before it was too late for me.

“But it took a while. I’m not surprised at all at what happened.

“Sadly when that man killed himself he wasn’t in a good place.

“People’s health should come first but I feel like it doesn’t.

“There are vulnerable people out there.

“They should be giving more after care to those people.”

Kane is now calling for The Jeremy Kyle Show to be axed and Kyle to be fired. He said reality TV was having a hugely negative impact on society.

ITV and Jeremy Kyle’s representatives were unable to provide a response before The Argus went to press.