A SNOOKER lover is proving that age is just a number as he racks up the balls on his 102nd birthday.

Mick Lucas, from Worthing, celebrated his big day at Slick Willy’s snooker club, in Marine Parade, where he has been playing the sport for more than 15 years.

Mick gets the bus to the club every week.

And the avid snooker fan was joined by his friends at the club for a surprise party on Tuesday.

Mick was presented with a card by snooker club chairman Tom Halpeney and Eighties snooker star Terry Griffiths – one of the famous Romford-based Matchroom boys.

The Deputy Mayor of Worthing, Cllr Hazel Thorpe, was also in attendance to celebrate with Mick.

“It was a complete surprise,” said Mick.

“All I knew is that I was coming here like I usually do.

“To have all these special guests here was great.”

And Mick shared some advice on how he reached such a grand old age.

“The secret is get up and get on with your day.

“It’s the only way you’ll carry on living.

“I get congratulated for my age, but it’s not effort.

“It would be more of an effort to die.”

Club chairman Mr Halpeney said Mick was a valued member of the club and praised him for being so energetic.

Mr Halpeney said: “Mick was surprised to see the Matchroom boys were there.

“He was over the moon.

“To get around at 102 is difficult at the best of times but he makes his way here every day on the bus.

“He enters all the competitions.

“If I’m anything like at that age I’ll be delighted.”

Mick has a handicap of 28 and still takes part in matches and tournaments at the club.