POP star Will Young has been spotted on a pier recording his new music video.

Eagle-eyed passers-by noticed the Evergreen singer on top of Worthing Pier wearing a red vest, surrounded by a film crew.

This picture appears to show Will being put through his paces.

It is unclear which song from Young’s newest album, Lexicon, an image from which can be seen above, the video relates to.

But the singer is releasing his next record on June 14.

Phil Duckett, of the Worthing Pier Southern Pavilion, said Will was “a complete gentleman” and it had been a pleasure hosting him.

He said: “From the very beginning they had a great crew putting the video together.

“They were filming on various parts of the pier

“He seems like a genuine, nice guy, he was really approachable.

“He’d come in a couple of days before and was chatting to people for ages.

“It felt like you’d known him for years.

“We stayed past working hours to see them finish up because it was really exciting.

“He was taking lots of selfies with people on the pier and really had time for everyone.

“We were told that he loved the building and the buzz of the pier.

“We all want a positive result to come of it and I’m sure there will be.”

Passer-by Daniel De Silva, who took the photo, said: “Worthing might be the location for his new music video.

“But perhaps he was just enjoying the sunshine and making the most of everything the town offers.

“Or maybe he was fishing for his dinner.”

The release of Will’s new album will be followed by a lengthy UK tour, which includes another stop off in Sussex.

He will play the Brighton Centre on Wednesday, October 9.

Tickets are on sale now.

The show in Brighton is part of a 21-date UK tour.

The tour will kick off in Torquay on October 1 and end in Blackpool on October 29.

Lexicon will be Will’s first album since 2015’s 85% Proof.

The album, as well as three of his previous releases, made it to number one in the UK charts.