A TANTRIC specialist has a vision of opening a sex school in the city.

Michelle Roberton, who describes herself as a “sexual trauma and intimacy alchemist”, hopes to educate people about the links between sex and body positivity.

The 47 year old, a licensed Councillor and specialised trauma therapist and body worker, certified by the association of somatic and integrated sexologists, also wants to bust any myths that surround tantric sex therapy.

Although there are no concrete plans to open the school in Brighton just yet, Michelle says she hopes to fulfill her dream and set one up one day.

She said: “It would raise sexual consciousness in Brighton.

“There would be a space for people to learn but also therapy rooms.”

As part of her work Michelle supports people who have had sexual trauma – whether from childhood or as an adult.

She said: “When you discuss childhood abuse with a GP they suggest counselling.

“But I think more body and mind medicine in needed.

“With cancer the main treatment is radiotherapy and chemo but that might not be right for everyone

“Some people can be more damaged by it.

“My clients know they are talking to someone who understands.”

As a Tantra specialist, Michelle also wants to bust the false claims surrounding the subject and what it means.

“Tantra – in western society – is often seen about sex and having great sex for numerous hours,” she said.

“But it’s more of a whole-body approach.

“It’s supporting someone to come home to their body.

“It’s teaching someone to love themselves and their body.

“Tantra is a body and life healing process, and sexuality can be a part of that. If we are feeling good about our bodies then great sex is going to follow.”

She adds that society and the media have given people a warped perception of sex and body image and that self-love is not about changing physical features.

She said: “I have had people who are overweight come to me and not lose any weight but feel better about themselves when they leave. Body shame and sex shame are very interlinked. They feel different about themselves and so feel different about life. It’s not about changing anything external, it’s changing the internal.”