Circus Extreme

Four stars

Preston Park, Brighton, runs until Sunday, May 19

MUCH of the audience may have had a crick in their neck, as well as their heart in their mouth, by the end of this two-hour performance, as many of the acts performed close to the ceiling of this giant big top.

Even Henry the clown made his way up there, just to retrieve a balloon, as part of one of his escapades involving audience members.

Combining all the aspects of a traditional circus, there were a number of mind-blowing moments.

Laura Miller was a highlight with her contemporary aerial hoop routine.

She dropped in to a tank of water, which at one point went up in flames, then continued her graceful dance under water before returning to the heights.

The Danguir Troupe, cycled across the high-wire, carrying each other on their shoulders, as part of their adrenalin-inducing act.

The show also included juggling, cloud swing, trapeze and the Globe of Death, in which motorcyclists whizzed around the mesh sphere at G-force speeds.

The unannounced grand finale came in the form of FMX riders who raced in from a ramp, performing jaw-dropping stunts 50 feet in mid-air on their moto-cross bikes, ensuring that Circus Extreme delivered on its namesake.

Tania Deaville