A LABOUR MEP says Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage “won’t take the blame” if a no-deal Brexit goes wrong.

With European Parliament elections taking place a week today, all parties ramped up campaigning as polls show Mr Farage’s new party is firmly in the lead.

A Daily Telegraph poll yesterday showed the party in front with 27 per cent of votes, with Labour closely behind on 25 per cent.

John Howarth, Labour MEP for South East England, campaigned outside Morrisons in St James’s Street, Brighton, yesterday.

Passers-by mostly seemed supportive, although one man ran past bellowing “I’m voting Farage”.

Mr Howarth said even if the Brexit Party did score a major win in the election, Mr Farage would still not have enough support from the public to push for a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Howarth said: “Farage will attempt to claim a win as a mandate to win for no deal.

“They’re a party in favour of leaving with no deal. No sane political party could do that.

“When it all goes very wrong it won’t be Mr Farage accepting the blame.

“It’s not what the people voted for. It’s the worst of all worlds.”

Responding to claims his party’s Brexit policy was unclear, Mr Howarth said it was “quite simple”.

He said: “If there’s a deal, the public should be able to vote on it.

“The Lib Dems and the Greens are saying they’re going to reverse Brexit, but how are they going to do it?

“They’re not going to do it without Labour. 203 of our MPs voted for a people’s vote.”

Brexit Party candidate Belinda de Lucy said her party’s rise in popularity was a “direct result of Parliament’s failure to implement a democratic vote.”

She said:”Trust has deteriorated and many people who voted Leave feel vilified and demonised by their own parties.

“Unlike the two main parties, the Brexit Party has a clear position on Brexit. It is positive, diverse and offers a peaceful platform for millions.”

She added Mr Farage had “huge appeal” but the party “is not all about him”.

Ms de Lucy added: “ “Nigel’s courage of conviction, charisma and positivity has huge appeal after years of the pessimism, damage limitation, and ‘grey suitness,’ of government.

“Many who are standing as candidates and our supporters across the political spectrum are supporting Nigel.”