TWO long-term friends struggling with their weight have managed to lose eight stone between them.

And they are both keeping the pounds off.

Nicki Reeve, 46, a busy mother of four from Wadhurst, and Tracy Bell, 51, from Burwash, felt so self-conscious about their weight they struggled even to look in the mirror.

But the two women, who met on a training course at the Royal Mail more than 25 years ago, decided to burst through the Slimming World doors in Crowborough and shift the extra weight.

Nicki said her confidence was so bad she could barely leave the house.

She was at an all-time low, felt out of breath easily due to asthma and also had the onset of osteoarthritis.

She weighed 14 stone at the beginning of 2017 but has now shed more about a third of her weight.

She said: “I was really bad. I couldn’t leave the house and I just wanted to be in the background all the time.

“But now I can’t wait to help others get to the stage I am at and feel more confident with themselves.

“It really is life changing.”

Tracy also noticed her asthma was becoming worse with her weight gain and felt tired and depressed.

She weighed almost 13 stone but has managed to lose 3st 7lb within ten months.

She said: “It’s just amazing not only for physical health but also for mental health taking part in the Slimming World programme.

“And I really want to get the message cross that it helps so much with confidence and energy. You also never go hungry. It’s proper food and you can eat plenty and still lose and maintain your weight.

“I am looking forward to working with others.”

She has maintained this for more than a year and is “diamond member” of Slimming World. The two friends are starting as Slimming World consultants at the end of this month.

Their original consultant, Jo Thomas, said to them: “When you two lovely ladies joined the new Friday group with snow on the ground I knew you meant business.”

Tracy will be starting a position as a consultant on May 27.

To book a session contact: Nicki starts on May 29. To book in with her contact: