A FORMER guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show wants people to “stop slating” the chat show host.

Sharon Brown said she went on the controversial ITV programme because she was unhappy with how her daughter’s boyfriend was treating her – and claimed the experience made her a better person.

The 53-year-old, from Bevendean, Brighton, said: “Jeremy was one of the nicest people I have ever met.

“People wanted him to be sacked and said the audience are horrible but he was lovely to me and the audience were fantastic.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed by ITV this week after guest Steven Dymon was found dead days after failing a lie detector test during filming.

Sharon said: “I was shocked to hear how people were talking about him. He was so helpful to me. It hurts me to think that people are saying he is vile.

“I’m on crutches because I have osteoarthritis and when I was on the show he could see I was struggling to sit down so, bless his heart, he helped me. He took my crutches and laid them down for me. He treated me like a good, decent human being and I thank him for that.”

She is upset the chat show host is being criticised.

She said: “Until you have met him or had the experience of going on the show you don’t know what it is like. Maybe some other people had bad experiences but I can’t understand that. It’s unfair to see him get slated, all he has ever done is help people, it’s just rubbish what people are saying.”

Sharon said her life had been improved by the show.

She said: “I feel a lot better now than I did when I went on the show and have been in a better place since. I learned a lot from it like how to deal and cope with things.”

But she said the show had also “taught her a lot about the public”.

She said: “The worst thing about going on the show is that people in the outside world make judgements about you.

“I have face tattoos and am disabled so have to face a lot of judgement.

“But what have my face tattoos got to do with my personality?”

“Keyboard warriors have said some really horrible things about me but these people are so small minded, I have never given them any reason to be nasty to me.

“He is just a nice person and so am I, so I want people to stop slating him. I’m not afraid of backlash, when I read horrible comments I just think ‘how sad are you’.

“I think having someone speak up will help, but someone needs to have the guts.”