A DEVOTED pet owner cried tears of joy when she was reunited with her missing dog after he disappeared down a rabbit hole.

Melissa Moremon was overwhelmed with emotion when she received a call from a dog walker who spotted Quinn in the park where he vanished 12 days ago.

The Jack Russell looked forlorn with a grubby nose when he was found on the path at around 4.30pm on Tuesday at Sandgate Park, near Storrington.

He was recognised thanks to his green and white spotted collar, with Melissa’s details attached.

Melissa said: “The lady said ‘is it Quinn’ and at this point I burst into tears. It feels like a ten-tonne weight has been lifted and it was so nice to wake up this morning and not have to worry where he is and if he’s OK. He has obviously been stuck at some point. His nose was all brown around the edges and his eyes were all swollen and puffy. It is such a huge, huge relief. I just can’t stop crying.”

Melissa walked almost 50 miles searching and calling out for her lost pooch, according to her Fit Bit.

She was walking rescue dogs Quinn and Mabel in Storrington on May 3 when Quinn went missing. The nine-year-old was adopted after being rescued from a puppy farm whose owners were prosecuted for poor dog welfare.

Melissa, who works at the RSPCA where Quinn is a mascot, said: “I was calling and calling but he didn’t come back. We searched for hours and I’m sure I heard muffled barking from underground and I think he must have got stuck down a hole.

“I have been overwhelmed with the support I have had from my RSPCA work colleagues, friends and the people of Storrington – it has been quite incredible.”

Friends raised more than £2,600 to fund specialist equipment such as an endoscope to help find Melissa’s beloved dog.

Specialist trackers used thermal imaging equipment and underground cameras to search fox and rabbit holes where Quinn might have got stuck.

Melissa said: “I have been overwhelmed with the support.

“I’m lucky to live in a such a dog-loving village, even complete strangers have been out looking for him for hours.”

Quinn is a mascot and office dog at the RSPCA headquarters in Southwater and has appeared in several of the charity’s campaigns.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “He is a very much loved and familiar face here.”