A FRAUDSTER tried to trick council bosses by using a disabled parking badge belonging to someone who had been dead for a year.

Sophie Wakefield admitted two charges of using a blue badge with the intent to deceive in Brighton.

She was among a group of 12 who appeared in court for blue badge fraud and dropping litter in recent days.

More than £2,700 in fines were dished out.

Wakefield, of The Avenue, Brighton, was ordered to pay a £200 fine, £200 costs, and a £30 surcharge.

Nine litterbugs who failed to attend court were ordered to pay a total of £215.

There were John Betsworth, 53, of Glenwood Gardens, Waterlooville.

Chris Collis, 30, of Chancel Close, Bristol.

Dean Daniel, 27, of Windermere Crescent, Worthing.

Aaron Kemp, 31, of Beaconsfield Villas, Brighton.

Anthony McCloskey, 27, of Hall Quay, Great Yarmouth.

Shereen Phillips, 32, of Walrond Avenue, London.

Martin Reyburn, 30, of Preston Park Avenue, Brighton.

And Gabriel Winne, 46, of Hove Park Villas, Hove.

Meanwhile Grego Kertesz, 22, of Honeysuckle Close, Eastbourne, and Emma Martini, 43, of Wilbury Road, Hove, did attend court and were fined £75, with £85 costs and a £30 surcharge.

City council executive director Nick Hibberd said: “This sends out a clear message to people who throw or drop litter or use a disabled Blue Badge fraudulently.

“It also serves as a strong and no-nonsense reminder that if someone does commit a crime they should pay the fine early and not ignore our reminder letters.

“Hoping the issue will magically go away doesn’t happen and will always mean the issue escalating to the Magistrates court. That means the fine will be almost three times higher and possible even more. On top of that people then have a criminal conviction on their record.”