VEGAN activists wearing pig masks stormed McDonald’s in the centre of the city and poured fake blood over the floor in front of horrified customers. 

Video from the scene in London Road shows the moment an activist was carried out by police and put in the back of a van at about 7.30pm.

The Argus:

Moments before, protesters and police clashed in the restaurant which was full with Deliveroo drivers, customers and children.

Activists shouted “no excuse for animal abuse” while kneeling in the fake blood they had poured on the floor. 

Police told the activists they would have to leave McDonald's or be arrested.

The Argus:

Toby Elliot, who watched the incident unfold, said: “They poured blood over the windows and floors and were shouting and screaming.

“Police then started pushing everyone out, including customers. 

“I was only just walking past and saw it all happening.”

Workers at the store are now attempting to clear the fake blood smeared all over the floor and windows.

The Argus:

No customers are being allowed in and police are talking to the manager.