A LANDSCAPE architect is adding the final touches to his coastal-themed garden to wow spectators at this year’s Chelsea Flower show.

Joe Perkins, 42, from Hove, has been sponsored by Facebook to create a fabulous garden for this year’s prestigious event.

The father of three has chosen to build a garden inspired by his home city by the sea and Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain where his wife Natalia grew up.

Joe said: “I am really happy with it, we have a really good team.

“I approached Facebook and asked if they wanted to sponsor me because a social media company is not your usual sponsor at the Chelsea Flower Show.

“In fact it’s the first year a social media company will be part of the event.”

Joe has the world represented in his garden.

He is using plants from far and wide, including Mexico, South America, China and Australia.

The fauna he has chosen is suitable for tough coastal weather.

He has ventured to the highlands of Scotland to inject a bit of wild coastline into his garden.

He said: “I have been up to Caithness in the very north of Scotland to get some coastal rock.

“We have used about one to two tonnes of it in its entirety to keep that dramatic coastal effect. Using them in big pieces gets that sense of drama.

“It was transported down the UK in three big lorries.”

Joe has project managed other gardens at the show for the last 12 years but this is the first time he has entered the competition under his own name.

The established landscape architect decided Facebook was a different but suitable choice for his garden.

He appreciates the social media site for its ability to connect communities, particularly gardening groups from all around the world.

Joe said: “Obviously there are concerns with all social media but we also need to look at the positives such as the connection between all the different groups.

“If you can’t look at the positives then you can’t move forward.”

Joe has used certain materials to represent the theme and message behind his garden, such as copper in a large canopy to symbolise connectivity. He is set on having a natural style garden.

About 30 per cent of the garden is water and there is a wave machine, which according to Joe creates a naturalistic wave effect and is “quite hypnotic.”

He said: “If everyone thinks about a Facebook garden they would probably think high tech style garden. But this one is completely natural – to show that there can be a natural presence on social media in terms of these groups connecting through genuine interests.”

Joe will be inviting his three young sons Leo, Alex and Harry to the flower show.

He said: “I will get them to come on the Friday because they are very excited to see it.

“Well they will most likely get bored after ten minutes but I will still get them to come along.”

The garden is ten by ten metres and falls under the “space to grow” category at the show. To see more of his garden work visit www.joeperkinsdesign.com.